Chatting with Paul while we waited for Casey in the corridor of the passport office about Fun Pots!!! This Inspired me to write about how we Profit First our personal finances!

We want to go to the Maldives for our 25th wedding anniversary next year…

But we still want to replace the car this year.

And we need to watch out for unexpected costs…

The dishwasher is 12 years old and in its twilight years. And we have a leaky tap that needs replacing.

Henry will be 16 this year and he’s had some expensive medical issues in the last year or two which due to his age – his insurance excess is increasing!!

Yoda has cost a fortune this month in unexpected medical bills and habitat upgrades!! Who knew you could get insurance for reptiles – not me! And a bit late now…

My point is that we need to balance unexpected costs with our goals!! By Profit Firsting our personal finances!

We were talking about how we need to make things happen…

Our personal finances are treated in a similar way to our business finances.

We have multiple bank accounts – each has a specific purpose.

We try not to use the pots for anything other than the specified purpose…we’re a little more relaxed with our personal money pots as our business covers all our taxes.

We have weekly standing orders from our main bank account to all our pots… we like to see these pots build weekly.

My bank accounts are set up to send me weekly balance notifications so I can watch them grow. That helps me track progress against the goal.

If we need more money for something not covered by one of our pots.. . we work out how to generate it from the business. We aim to sell before we can buy…. And we do without until then.

We bind our goals… we want to save for the Maldives and we want to get fit… so today – we decided not to grab a quick fast-food lunch – we would wait until we got home to make a healthy lunch instead of going to McDonald’s – no matter how much I want that McPlant!! And I transferred the £25 we didn’t spend.

Mcdonald’s to our Fun Pot!!

Buddy up Team Dickson!! Just as we do in our business – we have set team Dickson goals. Get fit and waterfall cash… we have team goals so we are trying to motivate and support each other to achieve our goals. So one person says – “let’s go to McDonald’s” – the other one says – “NOOOOOOO!”. Sometimes we will go to

McD’s but occasionally, not regularly.

So, Profit First is just one of the many, many tools, tricks, hacks and strategies that we have in place to make sure you are putting your profit first. So, join us today. Profit Hackers = Profit First, and we’ll see you there!

How we Profit First(ish) our personal finances!

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