Reviews and Testimonials may sound the same but are very different in how they look and come across in language.

A review is given on an individual product that your company offers where changes can be made, whereas a Testimonial documents any qualifications or particular qualities the company has…

Interesting fact for you, did you know that negative reviews can work for you in a positive manner? It might sound absurd… but it’s very much true. Negative reviews can be used to improve the way you work and improve your products. I can assure you that the same person who gave you a negative review will be back when they can’t find the product you offer elsewhere, and by then you’ll have improved it so that very same customer will be more inclined to review his original opinion and give a more positive review.

Testimonials, on the other hand, are more related to your business. So a negative review of your business can be damaging. Typically though testimonials are not released to the public unless you have the permissions of the person providing them. So naturally you’d look to put out the most positive ones, of course not everyone’s going to be happy with your company, but again, negative feedback leads to positive reinforcement and brings with it lessons you, as a business owner can learn from and improve your small business with.

Written testimonials now, however, don’t carry the same power and weight they used to when deciding a consumers decision making when buying a product online. Why? The power of video. If a person can see a video of someone reviewing your product or giving a personal review about a service you provided for them, they’re 10x more likely to buy a product from your company or purchase a service you provide

There are, however, people who still live by the old school method of pen and paper, or written word and will actively look for a written testimonial on a website. So if you can provide both, you’ll be more likely to convert a visitor to your site, than if you just had one or the other.


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