Google+, although it may be a newcomer to the social media world, has really taken off as a service. However, it does already have its fair share of taboo’s or what not to do’s, so today, we’re going to have a look at 7 of these:

Forgetting to Mention people –

When sharing or creating content, or crediting someone, don’t forget to tag them or mention them in your post, as this can take away your credibility as a business, this also applies to replying to people as well, as you don’t want to look like your talking to yourself.

Always sharing links with no commentary –

We’ve all done it, shared a link to our most exciting blog post, but not specified what that link is. Make sure you leave a note as to what it is for example – I did this once while trying to share a coaching video, but didn’t specify what the video was about, or which drill we were coaching.  The video then had minimal views on youtube, compared to when we shared one of our more viewed videos, which got a substantial amount of views because we left a description with the link shared, the same can be applied to blog posts and articles shared.

Not having a profile picture –

yes this one is very very obvious, but at the same time, it’s not uncommon – always, always make sure when you sign up or sign in that your profile picture is being displayed, otherwise people will think you’re just a bot splurging out rubbish and unfollow you, whereas if you had a picture showing, people would be more inclined to read your content and leave comments and remarks.

Always leaving un-needed and sarcastic comments –

On a personal Facebook, or G+ page, this would be fine I’m sure, but through your businesses page? A big no, yes I know it’s called SOCIAL media, but at the same time, you need to look professional, and the way to do this is to keep your comments professional, short and conversational.

Being Self-Indulgent –

Yes, this happens online as well. Mr big shot over there blowing his own trumpet, don’t be like him, don’t be THAT guy. Be they guy that everyone loves that not only shares his content but will share other people’s content as well, be Mr sociable, Mr approachable, because in the long run, not being THAT guy, will help aid your business as it shows your willing to help others.

Never Acknowledging other people –

Yes, again like the above, don’t be the guy who takes all the credit for everything and never says thank you, if you’ve done some work for someone, or they mention they like some of your content and mention it online, reply with a thank you, or glad you enjoyed the content, or something along those lines, as long as it shows your acknowledging them then it will really help boost your business.

Sharing the same content to everyone –

This really digs in with being Mr sociable, don’t share the same content to all of your communities, keep it community specific, tailor your posts to specific people, otherwise people will switch off and get bored of reading your content, as interesting as it all may be, this does unfortunately happen.


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