Groupon is an online deal website that provides printable or digital vouchers for daily deals offered by local businesses, and some international businesses, depending on what type of product you’re looking for. The site itself allows you to advertise a physical product which can be sent out to customers.

You can make money using Groupon by following these 9 steps:

1. Sign up

Go to the Groupon Merchant site – Unlike the standard deals page which is all customer base, the merchant page is based all around you and selling your products.

2. Click on the apply now button

3. Fill out the application form

There is a short form to fill out to introduce your company to Groupon, the form itself is just as basic as any other but they are as follows:

  • Personal Information – Fairly straightforward and self-explanatory, this is about who you are, and how people can contact you if they have any issues with your product


  • Business Information – Again, very self-explanatory, but this is more specific, who the customer is buying from, and where you’re based and where the products are coming from.


  • Business Details – Same as the above really, but allows you to specify which business sector you’re in and what type of business you run.


  • How we can help – This is the section where you tell Groupon exactly what type of help their sales and marketing teams can give you and would best suit the goals your business has for the future.

As with anything, double check the form, make sure there’s any errors and mistakes, and once you’re happy with the information entered, hit submit and wait for Groupon to get back to you.

4 – Wait for your verification call/email

You should be contacted within 2 weeks to verify your account information, and to discuss the next steps for featuring your business on Groupon!

5 – Determine which type of deal is right for you

Groupon started by offering daily deals that required a ‘tipping point’ or a certain number of buyers before the deal was actually active. They’ve expanded from the basic 1 deal-a-day approach, below is a list of what kind of deals they offer now:

6 – The featured deal

This is the traditional deal that Groupon has become known for – it works in the following way:

  • Work with your representative or marketing team to create a custom offer that best suits your customer avatar and business needs.


  • Plan. Create an action plan to help your staff deal with the rush of new customers.


  • Launch your deal – your deal or product will be featured on the Groupon main page for the first 2 -3 days, this is where the customers you’re hoping to bring in will see it.


  • Customers buy the deal/product, they are then given an option to be up-sold to, or check out with the original offer.


  • According to Groupon – most businesses get paid in thirds, however, Groupon now offer full payment to businesses, of which Groupon will take 40 – 60% of any money made, Groupon is more or less used by bigger businesses to grow their email and contact lists

7 – Groupon Now

Groupon Now is an on-demand service that caters to customers actively exploring your local area for the best deals and offers, this relies heavily on the use of the Groupon mobile phone app.

8 – Groupon Rewards

This programme offers rewards to your best customers based on the targeting specifics and outlay you specified to Groupon. Groupon also has it’s own free analytics set up which allows you to see who your best customers are so you can see how well your products are performing and who is more likely to be up-sold to.


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