The difference between Goals and Objectives

A goal is a general statement, a broad outline, it’s open ended and helps set the scene. For example,

‘I want to earn more money this year’  

Well, earning a £1 more than last year achieves that goal so it’s not going to motivate or inspire you to work that much harder to make it happen.

An objective is a ‘SMART’ goal. It is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Achievable and realistic are often confused.  Think of achievable as ‘can it be done?’, think of realistic as ‘can it be done now or within this time frame?’ with everything else going on around you?

I want to earn £100,000 by the end of this year.  

Better, but do you mean before tax, after tax?

Do you mean turnover for your business or income for you?

Do you see what I mean about being specific?

Does it matter if it all comes at once at the end of the year or do you need to generate a regular monthly income?

It’s likely that in order to be sustainable, that it will take time to achieve your goal. You probably won’t start generating that level of income tomorrow – it will build up over time, based on the objectives you have set, the plans you have out in place and the actions you take .

So let’s go back to our goals and start turning them into specific objectives.

Smart Goals

Now it is your turn, download the workbook and start turning your goals into objectives that will make real change happen in your business.


 Printable Workbook

# Click on the link below to download the workbook
Turning Goals into Objectives V3



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