A project management tool is absolutely key to keeping organised and on top of all your work and keeping track of it al in one place, with this it can speed up how tasks are done, the tools themselves can be a godsend for employers as it allows you to keep track of your companies work, and keep on top of what work employees are completing, and not completing, below is a list of the best ones I found, each of these tools has there own positives and drawbacks, so before making a final decision, try them all out and see which one suits you and your business best!

1. ProofHQ – ProofHQ is a high-tech online project management tool aimed at business who work directly with their clients, or work directly for clients, this tool allows the clients of those businesses to proof-read /check documents or designs before the business working for them goes ahead and promotes it or markets through the correct platforms.

2. Wrike – Wrike is the most social of all these tools as it allows real-time updates and communications between business providing the service and the client, so a project can be posted and altered by the client within seconds of them receiving and then sending it back, so a really handy useful tool.

3. Huddle – Huddle is a cloud-based alternative to Dropbox, that allows you the same easy navigation and browsing capabilities, but is all kept in-house so allows the project leader and the businesses in constant communication with each other.

4. FreedCamp – FreedCamp is another site based alternative to huddle and Dropbox, but is completely free in all aspects, and allows full control over all changes made by yourself and your clients, so it’s a very useful tool if things are being altered and tweaked constantly, a tool I’d definitely look into using if you like comprehensive free tools.

5. Asana – Asana is a personal favourite of mine as it allows full control of content posted on the site, and it also allows you to make changes before it’s posted, with Asana as well you can connect with your fellow employees and directly with any clients your working with, but keeping information completely separate from each other.

6. Trello – Trello is a very useful tool, and one we keep a very close eye on here at Caseron, as it’s the main tool we use to keep track with our work, what’s been done and what hasn’t been done, and what we can do to improve your current ongoing projects or projects that have expired, the great thing with Trello as well is that it will send you e-mail reminders when a job is due to be completed.

So that’s the 6 best project management tools available for little or no cost, which one did you use? How did they work for you? Hopefully, these tools will help you get on with your business and keep a firm track of where your companies heading.


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