The Three M’s of Marketing are going to be your best friend, and your lover throughout the planning and execution of your marketing strategy, why? Well because these will help you identify and plan your strategy. The M’s themselves stand for Market, Message, Media, and need to be in that exact order when planning….

So to get us started:


Seems really straightforward and easy right? Wrong! This will be where you need to start to build your customer avatar and look at what you specifically look for in a client or customer, as you can’t target just anyone. – We will cover what a customer avatar is later.- Try and keep your avatar relevant to your business. For example, you might like to target high income but low maintenance clients, or a small start-up business who are aiming to bring in a high level of income, it all depends on ‘Who your who’ is.


This is the easiest of the 3 M’s to look at… but at the same time, one of the most difficult. As with identifying who your ‘who‘ is, you need to make your message stand out from the crowd… there are several ways you can do this using imagery, using video adverts, or even a lumpy mail campaign.


Media isn’t necessarily how you put your marketing out there, but what you use. So in this case that media could be Facebook or Twitter, this is where you’ll need to identify what media platforms your target market use. If they use Facebook, brilliant! Post a Facebook ad that’ll target that market or you can go really old school, and use a direct mail campaign, leafletting or sending a sales letter.


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