Marketing your blog

Brainstorm keywords for each blog post

Keywords are the important words that relate to the topic of your blog, and specifically the new subtopic you cover each time you post. Choosing relevant keywords that people search for frequently will increase the visibility of your blog, attract more readers, and show them advertisements they are likely to click.

  • You can use the Google keyword research tool to get an estimate on how much Google is being paid for keywords by advertisers.

Include keywords in important places

Include them in your blog post title, the large “headers” introducing a new section, the first few sentences of your post, and in links. Change your settings so each blog posts URL includes the title of your post, not the date it was posted. Try to make these as descriptive as possible to raise your ranking in search results and attract the right audience.

  • Words displayed in images do not count as keywords
  • If your blog software has a ‘tagging’ function to add keywords to each post, use this as frequently and accurately as possible.
  • If you are posting your blog using HTML instead of through blog software that does it for you, pay special attention to the <title> tag.

Post your article links on social media and blog directories

Get traffic to your site with frequent updates on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Find blogging communities that match your readership and post links to relevant articles on their comments or forums. This helps in getting traffic to your site as well as raising your search engine rankings

Follow related blogs and ask other bloggers about cross-linking

Contact other bloggers on social media and blogging sites, and help advertise each other’s articles when the subject overlaps with both your audiences. Many bloggers are happy to post a link on Twitter even if they aren’t interested in advertising your blog on their own.

  • If you are using a free hosting service, excessive cross-linking may be punished. Only link to other blog posts occasionally, when they are relevant to your audience. More general links should be shared with your fans through social media instead of your blog.

Market your blog through paid advertisements if necessary

If you are serious about investing time and money into gaining an audience, you can create your own advertisements for Facebook, pay to add your blog to StumbleUpon, or become an advertiser Google AdSense or another ad service.

Try to go viral

This is never easy or guaranteed. but it can also be fun to try even if you fail. If you manage to promote your blog through a video or image exciting or funny enough for people to share, and you’re lucky enough to stand above the crowd of people trying to do the same thing, you’ll have a huge influx of readers.

  • Create something within your budget, unless you’re running a company blog you’re unlikely to be able to get a crowd of extras or expensive equipment.Brainstorm silly ideas that can be performed by you and your friends.

Monetising your blog

Market your blog first

These techniques for making money are not useful for a blog that doesn’t yet have an audience. Read about marketing and advertising first, even if you don’t plan on including ads. The minimum you should be doing at least is posting your blog on social media sites to attract readership.

Use a contextual ad service

Once your blog contains high-quality content and has begun to attract an audience, you can make money using Google AdSense, word ads, or any other contextual ad service. These automatically generate ads in the amount, size and placement you specify, matching the ads chosen to the topics you write about. The more readers who click on the ads shown, the more money the advertisers will pay you.

  • Be aware that many blog hosting services only allow their proprietary contextual ad service, and may shut down your blog if you use one not made by the host company. If you are hosting your own blog, you should research contextual ad services and choose one that shows appropriate ads, whereas some allow pornography or other ads which are most likely to be not suitable for your blog topic.


  • Keywords are especially important when using third party ad services since the ads are chosen based on the keywords you choose. Inaccurate or insufficient keywords will result in ads that don’t match your reader’s interests.


  • If you are facing any issue in Google AdSense approval then you can try, BuySellAds, BlogAds, Chitika, Infolinks etc these are just some of the alternatives to Google AdSense that can help you can make some money from your blog.

Create an online store if appropriate

If you are an arts and crafts blogger, or a blogger who can offer a product or service, then you can create a shop through Etsy or another service for selling your artwork. If you are a writer or illustrator, search for a website that will sell T-Shirts with your slogans or drawings on them. Many blog topics are not easily tied to products. You don’t need to sell anything to make money, but if it fits your blog, do it!

Allow readers to purchase your own products or donate to your cause through your blog

If you have an online store for selling products, provide links to those sites, including a PayPal button for quick, safe purchases or donations is a common way to monetise creative blogs or blogs that provide free advice or assistance to those who can’t afford it.


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