Uploading your podcast

Put your RSS podcast feed on the internet

Go to feedrunner and type in the URL of your blog and click I am a podcaster on the next screen, configure the elements for your podcast. These are the elements that directly relate to the podcast. Your feedburner feed is your podcast

  • Go to one of the hosts you can find online and sign-up there (this may take a while). Then go to your files and upload your mp3 file.
  • Make a post on your blog/website, and the content will end up as the ‘show notes’ or the ‘description’ Put in a little about what you talk about in your episode. At the end of the post, put a link directly to your media file.

Give it a few seconds

In a few minutes or seconds, Feedburner should add this to your feed, and now you have an episode. You can submit to iTunes or a number of other podcast directories to get it known. You may want to wait until you have some experience so that your podcast will be compared as a fifth episode to another podcasts first.

  • Submitting/uploading a podcast to iTunes is fairly simple and easy. The podcast page in the iTunes store has a large button that asks for the RSS link and some additional information about the podcast. A podcast can also be submitted via the web through the link in the iTunes FAQ.


  • Ping the appropriate podcast directories when a new show is updated


  • Put the appropriate subscription buttons on your website so people can subscribe to the RSS podcast feed.

Monetising your podcast

Sell the podcast

You can set up a web store to charge subscribers for each episode. However a pay-per-listen podcast is competing with thousands of free podcasts. The content would have to be very compelling to convince people to shell out cash, so very few podcasts profit with this method.

  • Podcasts cannot be sold in the iTunes store.

Sell Advertising

If you insert an advert into your podcast, listeners can easy skip over the ad when playing back the show on their computers or mp3 players. One option is to set get sponsorship for the podcast, or even separate segments of the podcast. You may need to change the title of your podcast to allow the sponsor their due.

  • Be sure you’re not bombarding the listener with advert after advert. If your podcast is relatively short, a listener isn’t going to want to hear three adverts in that small time frame.

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