I was scrolling through a Facebook marketing group recently and came across a thread of marketing tips for an electrical contractor who was just starting out in business.

I thought one of my electrical contractor clients.  Although not new to business, he is constantly marketing. Constantly.

Generating sales and creating a regular sustainable income is a constant challenge.  Even more so when he is busy and doesn’t really have time for marketing.

I thought this thread would be really useful for him, but I couldn’t invite him to the thread as it was a closed Facebook group. So I decided to write an article about it and add some of my own thoughts.

One of the challenges faced by an electrical contractor and most other service businesses for that matter is the need to continuously attract new clients. Once the job has been completed and the client is satisfied – it’s usually time to go and find a new client. Repeat business does happen of course but is not enough ‘core business’ to rely on.

So here are our top marketing tips for Electricians

  • Make sure you know your target market and ideal customer. Are you clear on the problems you solve and the results you provide. Is this clear in your marketing materials? Is your target customer going to see your message and think – wow, that’s me?! Make it about them not you.
  • Make sure your website is clean, fresh and easy to navigate. Include handy tips and suggest a list of services when you need to call and electrician. Funky and quirky work well – stand out from the crowd and create your niche. Make it clear why they should call you when they have an electrical problem.
  • Use keywords on your website and in your marketing  “I need an electrician to… <insert service here>
  • Do you have a clear call to action? Call you now? Leave a message for you to call back?
  • Make sure you have an email opt-in where potential clients will leave their details. Have a fabulous freebie, or a money off offer from the first sale. Make sure your offer is compelling enough for them to stay on your website and leave their details. Make sure your email opt-in is on every page.
  • Create a fabulous freebie – or two. What issues do your customers face? How can you solve them? Can you offer a free safety check? Going out and doing these could be quite costly and time-consuming, so what about a self-service safety checklist that can be downloaded? Or how to save money on your electricity bill? Or how to baby-proof your electrics? How to set up your work from home office? How to turn your home into a Smart Home? What to look out for when buying a new house.
  • Add their details to your mailing list so you can keep them informed with electrical updates, things to watch out for and special offers?  This is a great list to talk to if a job finishes early or someone cancels an appointment – a quick email out to your list to let them know you are available tomorrow afternoon from 2pm if they need you – might be the difference between sale or no-sale that afternoon. Write/video a case study about a poor wiring job you have just completed or a change in legislation and let your list know what to look out for and what you can do for them.
  • Networking in your target market area. Make sure your 60 seconds pitch is memorable and make sure your business cards stand out from all the others.
  • Look on meet-up.com for other networking meets ups that you may not be aware of.
  • Right short informative blog posts, again make the title relevant to something your audience is likely to search. Have a clear call to action at the bottom.
  • Start a YouTube channel and post top tips, helpful hints, before and after videos of work on site, and simple tutorials with DIY jobs that people can do themselves. Some people love to be able to do DIY themselves, but most people know when they need to call a professional. Don’t be afraid to give too much away. Remember that you are giving your potential clients the WHAT and the WHY. You will charge for the HOW.
  • Make sure you have a business Facebook listing – and try some Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising can be hit and miss so employ an expert or start with a small budget and work your way up (budget-wise) once you know what works. Facebook advertising may not work well for an instant need service. Facebook is ‘Interruption marketing’ and will pop up in your feed when you don’t need the service. Google and YouTube are examples of ‘Demand Marketing’ people will search for an Electrician when they need one. So unless you are already front of mind or you are the first to pop up in the search – you are likely to miss out.
  • Try Google Adwords, this can be expensive but if this means you are first on the google search – it may be worth engaging an expert to help you set this up and get it working for you.
  • Get your business listed on Google – encourage customers to leave testimonials on your business listing. This is the first place people will see you before they click on your website.
  • Advertise on gumtree which is local and low cost.
  • Call/visit every building contractor in your local area – do they have a preferred electrician? Would they like one?
  • Call into local lighting shops and small builders merchants – introduce yourself. Do any of these have notice boards you can leave details on?
  • Do you have an upsell?? If someone needs a job done urgently or out of hours – can you market and charge a premium for this premium service?
  • Become an expert in digital marketing – one of my favourite digital marketing resources at the moment is Ryan Deiss’s Digital Marketing Lab, which (at the time of writing this article) is $38.60 a month for a rolling monthly, cancel anytime membership. It’s certainly worth a trial for a month or two if you want to master your digital marketing.
  • Target high-end properties, in high-end area’s of your local town and offer a quarterly electrical check-up or high-value services such as Smart Home Technologies and Intelligent Lighting, Heating, Alarm etc
  • There is a huge trend for online learning – so can you monetise your knowledge and teach people how to do basic electrical DIY in their own home?

Although this article was written specifically for one of our clients – if you run a service business then you can adapt any of these suggestions for your business marketing and try to generate more sales.