Why should you use LinkedIn? It’s simple really; LinkedIn is a social media platform created by professionals for professionals. It enables you to show off your skills, your work history, and any experiences you may have had through volunteering, or through life. Although it has a small user base, the site itself well works extremely efficiently, it keeps you informed and keeps you involved in any topics that surround your area of business or interests. The site itself will read your page and suggest companies/ influencers who you can follow, and Linkedin itself will also encourage you to connect with people in a similar industry to yourself.

The site also has a section where you can display your skills. By doing this Linkedin allows former colleagues, current work colleagues, and any customers you may have connected with the chance to endorse your skills and further your standing on the site. Linkedin also permits the opportunity for, again, colleagues, former colleagues and anyone else you’ve worked with to leave recommendations on your page, which again will increase your standing with any potential new clients and customers that you may be able to win over and convert to new business.

So, that’s why covered, now, who is LinkedIn for?

Well, LinkedIn is for anyone of a professional standing, or anyone attempting to get onto the job ladder who’s looking to build a career and join a forward thinking and expansive company. There are a variety of new job adverts posted daily throughout the site and recruiters will create lists and groups of potential employees and will post in those groups or send a teaser message to entice the potential employee to show interest in their company. The same can be done by business seeking to target new customers or clients, but with a different approach and, of course, different outcomes.

Linkedin also gives small businesses a chance to connect with their client and customer base on a more social level, while remaining professional and engaging with your clients by liking, sharing and commenting on their content, It also gives you an insight into what interests they have and what sorts of literature they read.


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