Use your profile as self-promotion tool

Use a professional and appropriate profile image and remember to keep all information relevant and up to date. This is essential, If not the most important thing on this list! Imagine connecting with someone you see as a potential client/customer and you’re info still shows your last job and you haven’t updated it all as you’ve gone along and you introduce yourself as working for your company. They’ll look at your profile and immediately be confused, so keeping it all updated is key!

Choose any groups you join correctly

Make sure there relevant to your interests or business sector – This is key to showing any prospective clients that you have a passion for your industry and this shows that to them, which makes you more ideal to work with, rather than your generic profile with 0 groups joined and no information.

Be active in any groups you join,

Lead discussions, or put forward good forward thought ideas – If you’re active in discussions within groups, it shows other members in the groups your keen to get involved, and you never know who just might be watching and looking over the discussion, so this is a good chance to have some witty clever conversations, but remain professional and represent your business

Get endorsements and testimonials from previous employers that stay relevant to your actual skills –

This is a massive selling point for anyone looking to use LinkedIn to network as it shows that you have credibility as a person and as a potential client/colleague, it also gives you a chance to showcase your skills and then utilise them when attempting to win business from a competitor

Create Interesting and relevant content that shows exactly what you can do for a potential customer or client –

Key selling point! does your content wow and show off exactly what you can do for a customer? if you answered yes then you have a more substantial chance of landing that new client you’ve been searching for, all those months of hard work creating and perfecting that content paying off, and by winning a client over with content, means they’re more likely to share the content themselves or recommend other companies read it, creating a word of mouth culture and gaining you possible new clients.

Reach out and make meaningful connections

Scout and search for people in similar fields, or search for management in the markets you’re targeting – This is almost as key as the very first point, what’s the point in targeting people who you have no interest in? none right? Then you need to be clever and measured in your approach to winning business, scout the market, see what people are talking and writing about and see if any of it relates to your company’s area of expertise, and then follow them, and see if you can gain any information you can then tactically use to try to win them as a client


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