What is ‘Effective copy writing’ well, effective copy writing is how you wow and show your customers that you are the brand to choose and use instead of your competitors,

All your competitors will claim to be different to each other, but do you know something, that makes them all the same, interesting theory, but in our industry (Small Buisness Accountants) every accountant claims to not be boring and grey and that they stand out from the crowd, but this, in turn, makes them exactly the same as the rest of the market who make this claim, now, this if every company makes a claim to be different, then your company needs to show and not claim that you’re different from the rest of the crowd…

The 3 main things you need to grab a customers attention are as follows:

1. What to write: This seems obvious, right? but as explained above, you need to be careful, and clever with what you write, but before even starting, look at what the market leaders are posting, or are writing, and see if you can take it, twist it, and put it out in your own way, that way, it has a similar message, but it’s tailored to your business… and it’s not plagiarised.

2. Who you’re writing for: In a way this also seems fairly obvious, but with this one, there’s more than one person you’re writing for… as a business owner you should have 3 or 4 different lists… and each of these lists will determine what exactly it is your writing and how you write it and word it…

3. Why your writing it: when you writing your e-mails, or your content, your writing it to try and explain a product, or explain why someone should buy from you, so in a way you’re trying to build a relationship with a new or current client, and trying to engage them into buying a new product or service from you, or come on board and use you, the best way to do this is to focus on positive keywords, that will take away a problem, or the negative feeling or experience that the customer is currently having.


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