Setting up Your Short Cut to Xero

Frustrating isn’t it when you have to keep typing your email address into Xero when you want to log in!

Well, actually you don’t have to. You can set up this quick and easy browser shortcut to your Xero account.

1. Type the following shortcut into your browser[email protected]

Don’t forget to change [email protected] to the email address that you use to sign into Xero.

2. When the login screen pops up on screen, bookmark the address in your Browser (Our example below uses Chrome, so if you use a different browser your bookmark may look a little different).

Get Stuff Done Tip: Bookmark all your important links for quick and easy access.

Xero Browser Shortcuts

3. Test that the bookmark takes you to your Xero account. You will only need to enter your password from now on! Wasn’t that easy?




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