Changes to SSP during the Coronavirus Crisis

When will you pay 14 day SSP?

For anyone self-isolating but working – no change in how they are treated  from a payroill perspective.  They are working as usual – just from home.

For anyone self-isolating but too poorly to work, all you need to do is log the sick days in Xero (or your normal payroll software) as normal – but make it clear that the reason is Self-isolation 14 Day Statutory Sick Pay.

Tracking 14 Day SSP

In theory – staff should be encouraged to provide a sick note as they would for any sickness to be eligible for SSP – the initial guidance from HMRC was that doctors notes would be issued by their doctor as normal or one could be issued via 111.

Now they are mute on that point as the number of people self-isolating escalates. 111 lines are back up and response times are slow. I suspect very few people will actually be able to get a sick note unless they are actually hospitalised.

So if they can get one great, if not – I think we have to rely on people to be honest.

Claiming Back 14 Day SSP

Payroll systems have not been adapted to claim back the 14 day SSP yet.

HMRC have not yet issued guidelines on how to claim back SSP.  In fact, when I called HMRC an automated message on the their Helpline says it can’t be claimed back yet.

HMRC will advise us at some point in the future how we go about making a claim, so all we can do in the short term is keep a record of the costs.

Tracking SSP

When it comes to running payroll, we are adding a new pay type code for 14 Day SSP and separate these out on the payroll gross to net report for tracking for our clients.

We will update you as we learn more.

If you have any queries, join us in the Bloody Brilliant Business Club were we will be sharing and offering advice on navigating these exceptional times.


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