If you run your own business, then you have probably invested time and money into creating your own website. Possibly, quite a lot of money but are you getting value from it? Are you getting a return on your investment? Do you cringe when you think about the amount of money spent on your website or do you think , ‘wow – that was money well spent’?

The bottom line is that your website is a marketing tool so unless you are just sharing information about your business – its job is to convert visitors from readers to customers; from leads to sales. For some businesses, the website might be the only marketing tool so it is absolutely critical to get the website right.

Here are our top tips for building a killer website that sells.

Check off each item that you can answer with a ‘Yes’. The more Yes’s you have, the healthier your website. If you can’t answer Yes, then you have an action for your action plan!


# Action Check Take Action
1 Does your website load quickly? A slow site will put people off instantly.
2 Is your website easy to navigate?
 > Is it clear where one section starts and another ends?
> Does your website have a consistent colour scheme that reflects your brand?
> Are your services clearly set out?
> Does your website contain clear, concise, up to date and accurate facts?
3 Is your site mobile friendly?
> Is it responsive?
> Is your phone number set up enable the reader to ‘click to call’ directly from the site?
> Does your website perform as well on a small phone screen as it does on a desktop?
4 Does your website talk to your customer?
> Does it show that you feel their ‘pain’?
> Will your visitor have a clear idea of what you are about and why they need you within the first few seconds on landing on your site?
> Will your ideal customer read your site and think ‘Wow – that’s me’?
> Is your website more about your customer that you? Avoid ‘we’-ing on the audience; ‘We do this’, ‘We do that’… it needs to be more about them not you.
> Does your website have a welcome statement to draw the reader in?
> Have you used images to break up long passages of text?
>> Are the images used on your website stock images? Some people are put off by glossy stock images and prefer a more personal touch.
>> Have you thought about using images of your own workplace and workforce?
5 Does your website have an introductory video?
> Does your customer see this straight away? If they have to hunt for it, they won’t.
6 Does your website have an about us section?
> Is the about us section easily accessible?
> Does your about us section contain a picture of each staff member and a short bio about them? People buy from people so be as personal, but professional as you can.
 > Is the staff information up to date with new pictures, removal of former staff and additions of new staff members?
7 Have you used testimonials on your website?
> Have you used real names, pictures, video’s of your happy customers? Anonymous testimonials are not quite as credible no matter how genuine they might be.
> Do your testimonials actually reflect the message, the product or the service  you are trying to promote?
9 Is your website doing what you want it to do?
> Is your website a marketing tool – does it help capture leads and make sales?
> Is your website  a brochure or an information only site?
9 Does your website contain a call to action? What do you want visitors to do next?
> Call you?
>> Is your phone number clearly visible?
>> Is it diverted to a call answering service if you are with another client? Answer phones are fine, but people are more likely to leave a message if they speak to a real person.
> Sign up to a newsletter
 >> Is there a sign in form?
>> Is there a fabulous freebie to tempt your reader into giving you their email address.
> Book a session? Can they book a consult via an online diary?
 > Visit you business premises?
>> Have you included a map and directions?
>> Have you included images so people know what building to look for?

0-15  –  Ouch, your website is not helping you at all. We would recommend you engage a marketing expert and or a web designer to help  get your website working for you.

15-30 – Well done, your website is probably converting some sales and people are visiting and liking it. But it is probably not working as well as you would like it to.  Start working through the check list and see what you can improve to try and increase your conversion rate.

30-42 – Excellent! Your website in is good shape. We bet you are really happy with it. Perhaps there are one or two areas that could benefit from a little tweaking to increase your conversion rate.


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