What can you save to TRIPCATCHER?

Tripcatcher  enables you to capture your business mileage easily and includes the following great features:

  • Accurately calculates your journey distance using Google Maps
  • Calculates the VAT you can claim on fuel – this can save you £100s
  • Calculates your expense claim using approved mileage rates helping you to be HMRC compliant
  • Publishes your expense claims to Xero and Receipt Bank with minimum effort
  • Free phone app (iOS and Android).


Better for you

  • Because it’s quick, efficient and remembers favourite and repeat trips
  • It also allows you to claim for passengers and prove the mileage claim using Google Maps. Useful in the event of a HMRC visit!
  • Tripcatcher keeps track of your total mileage claim so you know when you reach the 10,000 mile threshold and have to clam at the lower rate
Better for your company
  • Because Tripcatcher calculates the recoverable VAT on the mileage claim and tells you the value of the fuel receipts you need to retain to support the VAT claim

    Getting started with TRIPCATCHER

    1. We will send you a login to Tripcatcher
    2. You will:
      • set your account up
      • enter your car details
      • mileage claimed in the year to date (if you have any) and
      • link to your Xero account
      • ** Don’t forget to download the app so you can manage your mileage on your phone **
    3. You record your first trip
    4. Build up your mileage record over the month, and at the end of the month submit your claim.
    5. Submit your claim to Xero.

    All done!

    Keeping the PROPER PAPERWORK?


    When you submit your mileage claim, Tripcathcer will tell you how many supporting fuel receipts you need to keep to be able to prove to HMRC that you have bought fuel. Your fuel receipts don’t have to match the exact dates of your trip but should be within the period of your claim.

    Where to put those VAT receipts?

    • If you are submitting a PDF mileage claim to your employer – attach the fuel receipts to your expense claim.
    • If you are a director/business owner – you can submit them using Xero Files or Receipt Bank – we will keep them on file for you so you have the supporting audit trail for your mileage claims.

      Switching to TRIPCATCHER?

      Switching to Tripcatcher is easy,  call us now on 01449 258548 and we will do all the hard work for you.

        Let’s TALK!

        For a free no-obligation 20-minute discovery call – click on the link below.

        This will take you directly to my calendar so you can book a call at a time that suits you.


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