Once you have set your #profitpromise, let’s plan your 5 day profit sprint…

A written down plan is 10x more likely to be achieved so let’s commit to what we are going to do to make our profit goal a reality.
1) Commit to the most important thing you need to do this week to generate profit.
2) Start with the end in mind. What is your profit goal?
3) What action do you need to take each day to increase sales?
4) What action do you need to take each day to reduce costs?
5) REVIEW at the end of each day. Write down what you have achieved. It’s fine if you don’t achieve new profit each day so long as the action you have taken, takes you a step closer to your weekly profit goal.
The idea is to create momentum and keep you focused on your goal.
6) REVIEW at the end of the week. Did you achieve your profit goal?

SHARE a picture of your 5 Day Profit Sprint if you want me to feedback on it.


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