Xero files is a great tool for attaching any kind of file or document to almost any transaction – this means you have your all of your documentary audit trail in Xero and all of your files close to hand should you need them.


Not everyone has a Dropbox or Google Drive account, not everyone has a Dropbox or Google Drive folder that they wish to share with their accountant or bookkeeper!! If that is the case – then Xero Files is a great alternative! Save the documents that you want to share with your accountant, bookkeeper or accounting team without a Dropbox or Google Drive account.

HMRC Visits

You can quickly demonstrate an awesome audit trail if you are ever subject to a HMRC records check. The better your record keeping – the less likely HMRC will find an error and the quicker they will be able to complete their checks and leave you to get on with your day!

An overview

Xero has produced a really helpful video to show you how Xero Files can be used across your Xero account.

Your Xero file library contains an Inbox and Contracts folder. You can easily add additional files and any other folders you might wish to add.

Xero allows you to:

  1. Upload file attachments directly to transactions, fixed assets and contacts as you process the document or
  2. Email, drag and drop or upload into your Xero file library ready for you to process later

How to Use Xero Files

To access the file library, from the header click the file icon. Image showing the file icon


Once the file is in Xero, you can file the document or create a new transaction from the document.


If you want to add a file to an existing transaction, you can click on the documents icon File and add a file that you already have in Xero files.

Top Tip – if you send a lot of documents to Xero Files, rename them to make them easier to find and action later.

Sending Documents into Xero files

There are multiple ways of getting your files into Xero:

1. Email

Forward emails or send photo images from your phone or tablet of your files directly to the file library’s Inbox.


Your Xero account has its own unique email address which can be set up as a ‘Xero Files Inbox’ contact in your contact list. (If you have multiple companies, save the contact as ‘[Company] Xero Files Inbox’ to make sure your document goes into the correct inbox!

Your files will be uploaded to Xero instantly for processing:


2. Drag and Drop

If your files are already scanned into your computer or saved as PDFs, then you can drag and drop one or many files at once into Xero.

Drag and Drop

3. Xero Touch

Using the Xero Touch App to upload photo images into your  Xero Files inbox.  Download from the Appstore/Googleplay if you don’t already have the App. This is particularly helpful if you are working from a smartphone or tablet.

3.1 Uploading an existing image
  1. From the Xero Touch Dashboard, click on the Plus_Button button in the top right hand corner
  2. Choose the option to ‘Upload to Files Inbox’
  3. Choose the location of your image and find the image you want to upload
  4. ‘Upload’

Xero Touch Plus Button 2

3.2 Upload a new image
  1.  From the Xero Touch Dashboard, click on the Xero Files Options_Button button in the top left hand corner
  2. Choose the option to access the ‘Files’ menu
  3. Choose the location of your image and find the image you want to upload
  4. ‘Upload’

Xero Files Dashboard 2

So now you know how to send files into Xero, take a few moments to think about how you can use Xero files to streamline your business accounting processes.


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