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REKSAP Centres For Early Learning

Personal Information

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Parental Guardian

Parental Guardian

Custody Information
Please indicate hours of work for parents / guardians: a.m. to p.m.
Please indicate hours of care required: a.m. to p.m.
Emergency Contact (if Parent(s) or Guardian(s) cannot be reached)

Permission for Emergency Medical Attention
Should an accident or illness occur when your child is in our care, medical attention may be necessary. Should this situation arise, we need prior permission to have your child transported from the program to seek medical attention. We will make every attempt to contact you before removing your child or as soon as possible thereafter.
I hereby authorize the child care centre to have my child transported from the Centre to seek medical attention in the case of an emergency.
MEDICAL/health INFORMATION continued
Does your child have any health conditions that might require emergency action while attending the Centre (i.e. anaphylactic allergies, seizures, diabetes, asthma, bleeding disorders)? Please specify.
Is your child on a continuing prescribed medication? Please specify.
Does your child have any food allergies or food restrictions (Vegetarian, no pork etc.) or a special food diet? Please specify.
Does your child have any physical or learning difficulties (i.e. autism, language delay, ADHD)? Please specify.
Does your child have any conditions relating to:
Allergies Heart
Asthma Hemophilia
Bone, Joint Kidney, Bladder
Convulsions Muscular Co-ordination
Diabetes Rheumatic Fever
Eczema Speech
Epilepsy Tuberculosis
Hearing Vision
Has your child had any of the following diseases?
Chicken Pox Polio
Diphtheria Tetanus
German Measles Whooping cough
Please add any other information about your child’s health or behaviour that you feel may be of importance (particular fears, rest habits, toileting habits, etc.).
Note any agencies that are currently working with the family (Children’s Aid Society, Public Health Nurse, Children’s Integration Support Services, etc.).
PERMISSION / CONSENT INFORMATION (do not add Parents or Emergency Contacts to this list)
Permission for Child Release
Please list the person(s) to whom your child may be released.

Please Note: According to the law, both parents have equal access to their child and to the information about the child’s development, health and welfare. The only time the Director or staff can deny access of a parent to a child is when there is a written separation agreement or a legal court order. A copy of this document is required for the Centre.

The Director and staff will not release a child to a person if there is reason to believe the child is in any danger. Children will not be released to a person who is under 16 years of age. In addition, the Centre is not permitted to release your child to any person without authorization. All permanent changes in permission of release must be made in writing.

Permission for Communication between the Child Care Centre and Schools
This policy is implemented in all REKSAP Centres For Early Learning under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1989. Your consent for communication between the Child Care Centre and the school is valid for the entire duration of the child’s stay at the Centre unless revoked in writing by the undersigned.
I give my consent for the child care centre to have ongoing communication with my child’s school regarding information which relates to the physical, emotional and social development of my child.
Permission for Field Trips
I give my permission to the child care centre to take my child on walking trips within a 2 km distance from the Centre. Please note: For any field trip outside the 2 km distance, you will be notified in advance and will be required to give us specific permission for each field trip that is not within walking distance.
Permission to Apply Sunscreen
I give my permission to the child care centre staff to apply sunscreen to my child while attending the program. I will inform the staff, in writing, if there are any changes or allergic reactions.
Permission to Take Photographs
The Centre may wish to take photographs of the children at various times throughout the year. Some of the slides or photographs will be used for classroom display and individual portfolios/Storypark. Before we can use your child’s photograph, we require written permission.
Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form
The following signature acknowledges that I have read the Parent Handbook located on our website at I understand and agree with the Centre’s policies as outlined in the handbook.
Kindergarten and School Age
Nutrition Policy
We have a legislated obligation to develop a policy on children's nutrition that is consistent with the Ministry's guidelines. Bag lunches from home should include a variety of foods from the following chart:
milk and milk products 250 - 375 mls
meat and alternatives 60 - 90 mls
breads and cereals 450 mls or 2 1/2 slices
fruit and vegetables 300 mls or 2 1/2 whole fruit

The Centre will routinely provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks, as well as a noon-time drink and supplements, as necessary. The menu will consist of dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, whole grain breads, cereals and crackers, a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. On occasion, our menu will include meat and alternatives such as hummus.

The combination of snacks and noon-time meals should be equivalent to the guidelines set out in the chart above. Staff is expected to be vigilant regarding the content of bag lunches and advise parents when there are concerns regarding the nutritional adequacy of the lunches. Children will be limited to one "treat" choice from their bag lunch per sitting.


Nutritious snacks are served daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The snack menu is posted for three weeks in advance on the Parents' Bulletin Board. The Ministry of Education, the agency responsible for licensing programs, and Ottawa-Carleton Regional Health Unit, oversee the menus.

Should circumstances (i.e. allergy) prevent a child from having a particular snack the program will provide a substitute. Any additional substitutions will be the responsibility of the parent. If you would like to help us celebrate your child's birthday, you may send an appropriate snack (nut free).

It is especially important to our Centre to have a group of parent volunteers for our Board of Directors. Would you be interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

The following is a list of areas in which you could be very helpful in assisting our Centre in maintaining its smooth and successful operation. Please indicate your areas of interest.

computer consultant to staff and children
sharing your expertise (i.e. lawyer, accountant, etc.) Please specify
attending a field trip
planning special events for fundraising
sharing your hobby (knitting, sewing, painting, etc.)

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